3 Tips to Promote Your Retail Business on Facebook

3 Tips to Promote Your Retail Business on Facebook
March 8, 2017 admin1
Retail Business Promoting on Facebook

Facebook isn’t just for keeping in touch with friends and family, it’s also a place where people follow their favorite brands. Millions of people check their Facebook newsfeeds daily to touch base with people they follow and brands they have “Liked”. Businesses of all sizes use Facebook to accomplish their marketing goals, manage an online presence and reach customers. Here are just a few tips for how your retail business can use Facebook to promote your brand.

Building Your Retail Business Presence

Create and grow a community on Facebook. To do this, start by creating a Facebook business page. Use your business page to engage with your community and manage your promotions. Provide your community with content that is both relevant and engaging. Create conversations and provide information that is of value to your audience. Too many sales and self-promotion posts can turn your audience away. Give them a reason to follow and engage with you. As an example, a restaurant near a concert venue, might post about an upcoming concert and offer a special coupon for customers attending that event.

A business page also has the advantage of providing you with valuable insights into your promotion efforts. You can see demographics of people who like your page, track how many people viewed your posts and target the demographics for promoting your Facebook ad.

Creating Awareness

Once you’ve created your presence on Facebook, the next step is to get found. There are over a billion people using Facebook, discovering new things and sharing with their own communities. Tap into your audience’s interests and help them to feel connected. Find your audience by posting an article, story or other relevant content to your page, and then boosting the post to those interested in your topic. For example, a local retail store selling batteries might post an article on what power solutions to have on hand for the winter season. This post could then be boosted to homeowners within a 25-mile radius. Depending on the location, this post could potentially reach millions of people. A compelling article with tips and action can encourage people to Like your business page and share the post with their own communities increasing the awareness of your brand.

Generating Leads

Using Facebook you can research who is most likely to become a customer by reaching out to those interested in getting more information on a topic. You can target more than your core audience, you can also reach out and connect with custom audiences (created by using existing contact lists) and lookalike audiences (people similar to your customers.) The key is to provide your audience with a reason to connect and to stay connected.

Whether your goal is to build an online presence, create awareness for your brand, or generate leads for your business, Facebook provides a variety of tools to help you to promote your retail business online.